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Our families are mainly from Central and South West of France and I carried out a family tree, available for free (after your free registration), the genealogical site  geneanet , under the name of contact: Pat311.



Six generations of PALLIER:

arriere-arriere-gd-parents-pallier-4.jpg pierre-pallier-et-son-epouse-lame-le-thi-mui-1.jpgmamy-3-6.jpg

Etienne PALLIER(*) and Léonarde BREUIL                  Pierre PALLIER and LE-THI-MUI Lame                     Gabriel PALLIER and Julia SAURIAC

1848 -                          1845 -                                    1866 -1911           1883 -1934                               1896 -1990               1901 -1983 

(*) Dreadnaught to Reischoffen



anne-moi-en-2007.jpg  geraldine-et-christophe a Hove

P.-François PALLIER and Jacqueline OULES               Patrick PALLIER and Annick GUILBERT               Christophe PALLIER and Géraldine

1921 - 2001           1920 - 2000                            1945 -                         1943 -                                 1968 -                         1968 -


First note of the Blog:


thank you for visiting this site family-oriented essentially devoted to the family Pallier. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and comments about it. I voluntarily took the party not to mention my adult life, to maintain the current generation, the minimum of discretion to which it is entitled.
I hope that reading this will interest you."

Patrick Pallier


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